Google advises websites to have a secure certificate

If your website does not have a secure certificate, then Google is about to identify it as unsafe. The popular search engine has recently indicated that they want to get rid of the unencrypted internet. The reason is to manage everything on the web through secure channels. As a result, it can be expected that Google will mark two-thirds of the web as unsafe.


In the future, if you come across a non-encrypted website, you will see a red ‘X’ sign covering the padlock beside the website’s address in the URL bar. This is the way Google will tell you that you are not surfing over a secure channel.

What is a Secure Certificate?

Also known as SSL certificates, these are small data files for digitally binding a cryptographic key to an organisation’s information. When the SSL certificate is installed over a web server, the padlock and the https protocol is activated. This will ensure that there is a secure connection between the web server and the web browser.

Why are SSL Certificates Needed?

We live in a world where the internet has become a big part of our lives. The Internet is no longer just a place to find information but many significant activities take place online. People are building connections with others from all over the world and sharing personal information. Online shopping and banking have become quite common in the past years and it involves frequent use of credit cards and account details. Moreover, people generally log in to multiple websites daily. All of these activities require that the information of the users must be protected. As we are making progress with making the world more digital, we also have the significant dilemma of cyber crime. SSL certificates ensure that users are sharing information over secure channels and risk of crime is reduced.

Benefits of a Secure Server

Apart from the protection of user data, secured servers or HTTPS also makes sure that people are connecting to the right people. It has become common for hackers and malicious actors to build versions of websites users frequent. Many people in the world are not equipped to determine the difference and may fall victim to the imposters. Furthermore, HTTPS prevents third parties from hijacking the connection to insert malware or censor information.

Why is HTTPS Necessary for Business Owners?

Given that Google will soon be acting against non-secured websites, it is important that online business owners take note. Online businesses generate revenue through attracting traffic towards them using search engine rankings. When potential or existing buyers notice that red ‘X’ sign, they are most likely to immediately leave the page.

In order to ensure that your website keeps generating leads and making sales, business owners need to protect their websites through a secure certificate. This will not only ensure a continuous flow of online traffic towards the website but proves credibility.

Web development and web design companies are already adopting the HTTPS and SSL into their contracts for any new projects taken in 2017.

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